Seriously, although I’m speaking as a fan of EXO:

Byun Baekhyun is serving in the military but he still records and posts a video every month, assuring everyone on Twitter that he’s doing well. There’s no other idol who loves their fans so much right?

(This pic is taken from someone else on Twitter)

From bottom to top:


Do you miss me…. I miss you guys too….

Talking in this tone while listening to ‘Is It Me?’.. Feels like I’ve become the main character…

Tonight when you go to sleep, turn off the lights and think about me,

I will appear in front of you…

I want to hold a concert.. I miss concerts even more after watching videos from previous promotions.

This is the first time since high school that I’m leading a regular lifestyle! I eat a lot! And I take care of my health a lot! So don’t worry too much! Got it!?

We will feel like we can’t live because we miss each other,

But let’s work hard and upgrade in our respective positions, 

and see each other again when we become better versions of ourselves!

It’s not that EXO-Ls is waiting for me, but that I am waiting for EXO-Ls!


1. [+65][-4] I’m not Baekhyun’s fan, but I agree. You can see his love for his fans ㅠ

2. [+35][-0] Before Baekhyun enlisted in the military, he was busy with EXO’s comeback + SuperM’s comeback +solo comeback…but he somehow found the time to also film a YouTube video for every month that he would be away in the military, so that he could upload a video every month for his fans. And there are songs that are being released by him even after going to the army. And on top of that, he tries to keep in touch on Twitter and came on 2 months ago, a week ago and yesterday…

3. [+31][-1] This guy is the king of idols.. 

4. [+22][-0] The textbook (definition) of military hiatus, for real.

5. [+21][-2] Become my home. Become by family. I’ll give myself to you, so give yourself to me.

6. [+15][-0] I agree, Baekhyun is a natural-born idol. I approve of his love for his fans. I’m not a Baekhyun fan, but I envy Baekhyun’s fans.

7. [+14][-0] I miss you Baekhyun-ah.

8. [+12][-0] I can always feel his love for us.