BTS Jin’s Back is Really Wide

The one in purple is Jin. He’s really like a lid or something.


1. [+157][-3] It’s this wide when he’s wearing a silk shirt…

2. [+153][-3] His face is good-looking too, but his shoulders are just…. *trembles*

3. [+148][-4] Kim Seokjin either wears 2XL or he rips open the shoulder of his shirts because his shoulders are wide, but his waist is fxxking skinny,, My heart is so fluttered I’m gonna faint. I wanna get hit by his shoulders.

4. [+69][-0] kekekekekekekekekekekeke

5. [+61][-0] An old pic of this upper-body-conservative man.

6. [+57][-1] It’s definitely a loose fit but because his shoulders are so wide, it looks like his shoulders are sticker out.

7. [+36][-1] His shoulders really…

8. [+36][-2] I really love Kim Seokjin in shirts.

9. [+34][-1] Your shoulders are like that yet your face is the size of my peach stone.

10. [+34][-1] Seokjinnie, so proud of your shoulders.

11. [+28][-1]