If you choose 400 billion, it means your BFF was never born and is non-existent. 

If you choose BFF, you can’t get the money. 

400 billion KRW vs Real BFF

+) Ohh this freaked me out, fxxk. I was scrolling through Talkers’ Choice and I was fxxking surprised when I saw my own post.

I saw this on IG and I was curious so I posted this….


1. [+549][-6] Of course 400 billion, you crazy. Even if it’s 400 million everyone would still choose the money.

2. [+330][-3] Then everyone on earth would just disappear. Because everyone will become non-existent beings who were never born. 

3. [+292][-5] Not like I have a friend now. Just give me 400 billion.. I can still live well even with no friends.

4. [+126][-2] Fxxk, do you know how much 400 billion is? A person with an annual salary of 100 million will have to work for 4000 years, fxxk kekekekekekekekekekekekekeke
5. [+116][-1] If it’s 400 billion, even my BFF will understand my choice. If anyone chose BFF, your BFF would slap you and ask if you’ve gone mad.

6. [+64][-1] If its 400 billion won I think even Lee Jae-Yong (Chairman of Samsung) would waver.

7. [+40][-8] There are people who would even throw people away for 400 000 won, not to mention 400 billion won.

8. [+11][-1] Of course money. If you have money, people will flock to you anyway.