((In my opinion)) She looks prettiest with black hair and a lil bit of waves.


1. [+26][-1] She looks good when she changes the part in her hair. I hope she does this hairstyle more often.

2. [+14][-1] Her red hair during ‘Red Flavour’ was a perfect match.

3. [+12][-1] Her hair and outfit in their self-created contents are also fxxking beautiful, for real.

4. [+9][-1] Doesn’t Joy always have black wavy hair whenever it’s year-end? She looks really pretty in that.

5. [+8][-1] Agreed. She looks perfect with black hair but she’s even prettier with a little bit of waves.

6. [+5][-1] + No bangs.

7. [+5][-1] She’s Joy, there’s nothing that won’t suit her.

8. [+3][-2] Is Joy a cool-tone??? What??

9. [+2][-0] But I envy Joy’s oval-shaped face with small cheekbones, because she’ll look perfect in any hairstyle..

10. [+1][-0] She looks pretty with her hair tied up as well. Joy looks prettiest with black hair.

11. [+1][-0] I’m not her fan, but what’s with the first pic in this post? She looks fxxking pretty…