I was looking at Ryujin’s pics when she was a kid

Cute kekekekeke

Shin Ryujin’s really kekekekeke


1. [+122][-1] Pretty people have been pretty since young..

2. [+62][-1] Ryujin is perfect.

3. [+37][-0] I think Ryujin really didn’t get any plastic surgery… She’s fxxking pretty.

4. [+33][-0] This one too.. She’s so cute with the perm.

5. [+26][-0] Wow… She just looks exactly the same now and back then. It’s amazing how she hasn’t changed at all kekekeke

6. [+15][-0] She grew up well and she’s still the same.

7. [+15][-1] She’s pretty as ever..

8. [+12][-3] I’m not her fan, but she really looked like Son Yejin-nim when she was a kid.

9. [+12][-0] That kid grew up and became like this ㅠㅠ So beautiful.

10. [+10][-5] For real, such a huge comparison between ITZY and aespa keke She looks exactly the same now and back then.

11. [+9][-0] My kitten ㅜㅜ