The other members were all standing still but the two of them went ‘yeah~‘ like that kekekekekekekekekekeke


1. [+170][-1] The best part is how no one cares kekeke

2. [+149][-2] It’s fxxking funny how the two of them are the only ones in a different world kekekekekekekeke

3. [+143][-0] …? Are they in the air? Why?

4. [+74][-0] After that, they were separated and put on the two ends when they received their next award kekekeke The hyungs didn’t care keke

5. [+68][-0] You can’t really hear from the broadcast but apparently ‘Butter’ was being played at that time kekeke At first Jin was also bopping to the rhythm kekekekeke They must’ve been really excited kekekeke

6. [+62][-59] Upvote downvote

7. [+33][-0] The hyungs were like “I’m not standing with these elementary school kids.”