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+ Many people are asking about the picture in this post so I’m leaving this here!

This is the main character in the series ‘Let’s Go To Work Tomorrow!’ on Kakao Webtoon (previously called Daum Webtoon) haha He’s fxxking handsome right. He has good manners and he’s fxxking sexy. He leaves his hair down when he exercises and he’s super handsome. Haaa saranghae.


1. [+1058][-13] Natural encounters vs Blind dates

2. [+814][-96] Lose in the morning, win at night vs Win in the morning, lose at night

3. [+640][-25] Bad guy vs Mama’s boy

4. [+574][-76] Rule for romance webtoons!! Black-haired guy vs Brown-haired guy

5. [+488][-40] Good kisser vs Clumsy kisser

6. [+400][-219] Wears tracksuits all the time and suddenly wears formal vs Wears formal all the time and suddenly wears a tracksuit

7. [+383][-353] Someone who’s always bickering with you but takes care of everything vs Someone who’s warm-hearted and makes your heart flutter like mad from the beginning

8. [+379][-91] Straight hair vs Perm

9. [+351][-48] Cinderella who goes to sleep at 12 AM vs Rapunzel who’s crazy about home dates all the time

10. [+327][-241] Soft white hands vs Dark veiny rough hands

11. [+296][-1] Big hands vs Big feet

12. [+286][-255] Someone who is good at playing instruments vs Someone who is good at singing

13. [+262][-18] Warm-hearted, good fashion sense and witty vs Handsome but just a childish kid

14. [+242][-37] Masculine handsome boyfriend vs Boyfriend who is prettier than you

15. [+225][-182] Puppy face vs Cat face

16. [+219][-8] Good at catching insects vs Bad at catching insects

17. [+195][-43] Sexy vs Erotic

18. [+179][-305] Art student vs Sports student

19. [+135][-242] Samoyed material vs Golden retriever material

20. [+132][-23] Tall height  vs Wide shoulders

21. [+135][-7] Smart but eccentric vs Stupid insider

22. [+132][-54] Soft autumn-boi who suits scarfs and coats vs Fresh summer-boi who suits short sleeves and shirts

23. [+122][-311] High-teen prom king material vs Handsome nerd material

24. [+118][-85] Monolids vs Double eyelids

25. [+105][-14] Trying to get an unapproachable guy who’s not interested in anyone including me, but he’s my ideal type vs Accepting a guy who is very far from my ideal type, but he’s slowly showing me the good side of him and he likes me a lot

26. [+97][-9] Super handsome guy who goes his way, doesn’t like fitting in and is not interested in anyone vs Super handsome insider who likes fitting in and is sly to everyone

27. [+90][-16] High school student era relationship vs University campus relationship

28. [+81][-47] Guy who looks good in hoodies vs Guy who looks good in suits

29. [+72][-35] Cold, handsome guy vs Warm, handsome guy

30. [+67][-170] Tsundere vs Sweetheart