I’m not saying it doesn’t suit her face, it just doesn’t fxxking match with the concept. Might as well just dye it white blonde completely, what on earth is that.. 


1. [+158][-3] I really hope they give Seulgi cool-tone styling, please.

2. [+146][-4] Ahjumma.. tbh I thought her red hair during ‘Monster’ was also a bit tonegro (doesn’t suit her skin tone).

3. [+111][-38] Ehhh am I the only one who thinks it suits fxxking well?

4. [+96][-1] Haa you’re really thinking the exact same thing as I am.. Honestly, among everyone’s hair-makeup-outfits in Red Velvet, I think Seulgi’s is the worst. They only ever make Seulgi try all sorts of ‘challenging stuff’ like choppy bangs and hair dyes.. Honestly I feel like Seulgi is receiving bad criticism because of hair-makeup-outfits that don’t suit her. Even though the choppy bangs suited her, but stillㅠㅠ If you had a brain, you wouldn’t go crazy on making such a pretty girl do tonegros. Why are you making her dye her hair orange – the color that no Korean can pull off?? Doing this to someone who looks good in white blonde;

5. [+68][-0] Enough with the choppy bangs, no bangs please.. Her aura is the best for real.

6. [+55][-1] I really like Seulgi’s blonde hair.

7. [+49][-1] Wendy too… Her shaggy bangs are covering her beautiful face.. I hope they either thin it or just get rid of it ㅠ She looked pretty with a beret recently.

8. [+47][-1] The issue is not with the choppy bangs, it’s with the hair color ㅠㅠ The vibe was there when she had choppy bangs during ‘Bad Boy’…

9. [+42][-1] I just hope they get rid of Seulgi’s bangs…..

10. [+37][-1] Was it during ‘Russian Roulette’? I really hated her orange hair at that time too. Why do they always give her hair colors that don’t suit her? So annoying ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

11. [+35][-0] It suits Seulgi’s image but if you think about it it doesn’t really suit her tone.