“There was ‘something’ going on in between them but.. since it’s true that they’re interested in each other, they decided to just start dating” 

Suzy x Lee Dongwook: “They weren’t really dating, but they decided to officially start dating after the rumour”

What’s this, this is fxxking funny for R E A L.


1. [+747][-3] Taeyang x Min Hyorin: “We cannot get into contact. If the dating news is true, congratulations”. I thought nothing can win this kekeke

2. [+694][-3] When the dating rumour about Swings x Im Bora surfaced as well kekekekekekekekeke They released a statement saying it’s difficult to confirm whether it’s true or not, but the CEO of Swings’s agency is Swings himself, f- kekekekeke

3. [+563][-6] YG is the best when it comes to this. CL x Song Minho “utterly ridiculous”, Taeyang x Min Hyorin “if it’s true, congrats”, GD x Jennie “cannot confirm”.

4. [+244][-5] I can imagine Lee Dongwook saying something like this with the tone you hear from his drama, “Since things have already reached this stage, let’s try it – dating.” kekekekekekekekekekekekekeke Obviously it’s gonna be different in reality but.

5. [+211][-2] But Suzy’s taste is fxxking consistent kekekekekeke I think she likes people with big bright eyes.

6. [+142][-2] Did they really date after this? Seems like they announced their break up right after.

7. [+108][-0] Seo Taiji x Lee Jiah was the most shocking…

8. [+75][-3] It was also fxxking funny when the rumour about the MOMOLAND and iKON member keke YG denied but the MOMOLAND member admitted keke

9. [+63][-1] Now that I think about it, Suzy seems to have really good taste keke She’s never dated anyone who isn’t a tall and handsome actor kekeke

10. [+60][-0] But their visual combo is dope.

11. [+41][-2] I got excited for no reason at that time kekekekeke It was heart-fluttering already because of Suzy and Lee Dongwook’s visuals, but it was more heart-fluttering how they weren’t originally dating but decided to just start dating after the rumour….