Revealed on BigHit trainee’s TikTok account

Stage name: JJ (Jayjay)

Born in 2006, half American half Japanese

No but… Westerners don’t fxxking suit K-pop. If it’s someone like Somi then idk but he looks just like a pure Westerner…


1. [+340][-18] I hope BigHit stops taking in Japanese people.

2. [+268][-24] Huening Kai also looks like a pure Westerner.

3. [+193][-8] Mixed bloods who give off a strong Westerner vibe are not really needed. If they don’t really give off a Westerner vibe then it’s alright.. like Nancy.

4. [+86][-3] At this point, I just hate the fact that foreigners are involved in K-pop. 

5. [+65][-2] kekekeke That’s up to the fans to decide. If they’re handsome it doesn’t matter. Look at mixed-bloods like Vernon and Huening Kai, they only make you feel that genes of Western guys are good indeed. But this guy has completely no Korean blood in him.

6. [+60][-42] There are many girls who like Western guys too. If he looks like that, he’s gonna be fxxking popular. Look at him becoming a hot topic already.

7. [+51][-6] Better than Chinks and filthy Japanese people.

8. [+40][-3] It’s just Korean men feeling inferior to Western guys, they’re afraid that Western guys are gonna become more popular than them. Girls probably have no opinion on this, SVT Vernon is popular too.

9. [+36][-3] Not even an American-Korean mix, but an American-Japanese mix;; Disgusting, really.

10. [+30][-42] He’s more handsome than Huening Kai though.

11. [+29][-3] What’s so important about nationality? The face decides everything.