No but she posted fxxking cool pictures of her wearing a black one-piece dress and a crown on her head for the Queen concept as well as pictures of the food she had on ‘Amazing Saturday’ kekeke 

Joy was really pretty on ‘Amazing Saturday’, it’s nice to see her posting behind the scenes pictures of the food from a guest’s perspective kekeke

An SM group picture and Key sunbaenim’s comment saying ‘it was great seeing you’ kekeke

Red Velvet ReVel Joy Yeri Taeyeon Key Amazing Saturday


1. [+75][-7] The ‘Amazing Saturday’ episode with Joy was fxxking interesting kekeke Joy was seriously fxxking beautiful because her hair, makeup and outfit was a perfect match.

2. [+65][-6] Joy laughed a lot and was cute on ‘Amazing Saturday’ kekeke

3. [+64][-8] But she’s really pretty.

4. [+26][-2] Heol, so pretty. Whenever Joy wears things like headbands or crowns, it’s legendaryㅠㅠ

5. [+26][-1] Wtf, Joy’s pictures are so fxxking beautiful.. ‘Amazing Saturday’ is really sincere when giving out food kekeke So they give side dishes and drinks alongside as well.

6. [+18][-17] Agree or disagree! Tomorrow at 6pm, Red Velvet’s comeback.

7. [+13][-1] But I think Joy is really the definition of coup d’etat. It was only the day before yesterday when she was all juicy and bubbly, but all of a sudden her aura changed. I like her image too.

8. [+13][-1] Wow they give them food like that. It’s kinda cool. It’s my first time seeing the food they eat so up-close.

9. [+9][-1] It feels new seeing pictures from a guest’s perspective kekeke

10. [+8][-2] I watched ‘Amazing Saturday’ yesterday, she’s fxxking pretty + talented ㅠ insane.

11. [+6][-1] I’m not her fan but this really looked like year-end Joy. She was fxxking beautiful, seriously.