She kept saying ‘jiayou’ instead of ‘fighting’ on Korean broadcast.

She was caught using a Chinese word on camera.

The way she covered her mouth right away knowing that she’s not supposed to say that.

Things like this are giving Chinese people grounds.

I hope YG can be more careful with this.


1. [+182][-22] She said that because a Chinese person protected her in the game~ Don’t give these haters attention.

2. [+162][-20] Looks like these lunatic ahjummas are very angry because both male and female communities were going crazy over Jisoo’s beauty yesterday keke

3. [+121][-27] Sorry, but that’s broadcasted in China too kekeke

4. [+62][-5] Ehh.? Am I the weird one? What’s wrong with this, why are you posting this with the search keywords too..

5. [+48][-3] Fxxk kekekekeke This is funny because this is just so forced kekeke

6. [+38][-1] BP custom skins were available in this event to gather Chinese users on PUBG. Only counting Chinese viewers, there were already 20 million of them, what do you mean Korea is the main? Stop this, you psycho.

7. [+26][-3] If one Chinese word ‘jiayou’ can turn into a controversy, Chinese people wouldn’t even be able to promote as idols in Korea, no? kekeke

8. [+17][-2] Wow BP can really make it onto Talkers’ Choice with just one Chinese word kekekekekekeke Dear author, what’s wrong with saying ‘jiayou’?? kekekekekekekekekeke

9. [+15][-0] Wow if the post is about BP, people click the upvote button before even reading it. Is this what the life of being a top idol is like?

10. [+12][-3] No but why is BP going on that kind of cheap Africa TV show… As much as they are the models for PUBG……..

11. [+12][-0] May I ask what’s the reason why speaking Chinese is not allowed on a broadcast with Chinese viewers? It’s not like she’s speaking Japanese or English, are you people lunatics?