Fan: Unnie, do you like ddakbok (hard peaches) or mulbok (soft peaches)??? I’m only gonna eat what unnie eats…!!

Jennie: What’s that?

Jennie: Ah you’re talking about peaches…. As a true fan of peaches, I’m not picky. Not gonna keep this as a secret, I’m eating ddakbong (she meant ddakbok – hard peaches) now. 

Fxxking cute.


1. [+122][-3] Jennie is so funny keke

Fan: What tea do you usually drink? Cutie(tea)?

Jennie: I drink vanilla tea with oat milk.

2. [+113][-4] Ddakbong kekekeke is that a typo, cute.

3. [+106][-3] Although this has nothing to do with the original post, this was from yesterday on V LIVE Channel +… in a positive mood right now.

Fan: JenTube.. Can I look forward to this…

Jennie: After my self-isolation ends, I’ll definitely upload JenTube contents. Tbh I’ve been thinking about it a lot because there are many restrictions to the contents I can film due to COVID. There are lots of videos that I can’t upload tooㅜㅜ I’m thinking a lot about the best way to do it, so it would be great if you can wait for me patiently.

4. [+74][-2] The way she talks is so cute ㅜㅜ

Fan: Jendeuk, can you take spice well??

Jennie: Not at all. I’m on a baby level.

5. [+67][-2] Kim Jennie’s kind-heartedness. That’s a sin.

Jennie: Looks like I’ve answered most of the questions by now. I haven’t eaten yet, since it’s raining, I’m probably gonna eat something warm. Recently, I’ve been watching a drama called ‘Beyond Evil’ on Netflix. I haven’t finished it though, so no spoilers please. For songs, I always listen to Brockhampton’s albums. Our recent hobby is horse-riding! I’m slowly learning from the basics, so I want to tell you to wait for a bit before I can show you. I hope all BLINKs who are in their exam period can cheer up. Communicating with BLINKs like this is a very happy time for me. I will try to work hard so that I can upload on YouTube asap, don’t worry. It’s raining outside, everyone please be careful when you head out, and I miss you all❤︎

6. [+63][-4] Me too..

Fan: BLACKPINK’s song is always being played in the Olympics this year.

Jennie: I feel very proud and very touched!

7. [+48][-3] Mint Choc Gang Jennie

Fan: Do you like mint chocolate??

Jennie: Mhm

8. [+42][-2] Jennie is really fxxking cute… Her Instagram captions are mostly either in English or very short so I didn’t know, the way she talks is really so fxxking cute ㅠㅠ

9. [+39][-38] Agree or disagree) Kim Jennis is fxxking cute

10. [+29][-3] Jennie, so you think ddakbong (Jennie’s typo) is delicious.

11. [+25][-6] Although this is random, but aside from Jennie, I don’t really see the name Jennie in dramas or on TV? In the past there were many voices disliking English names, but surprisingly after Jennie became famous this name is becoming less and less common.. Although I’m not a fan of BP, Jennie’s impact is no joke.