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1. [+112][-95] They did so well. Especially Jimin’s high notes, it was so good I was surprised.

2. [+104][-10] They did fxxking well indeed. Vocal line’s harmony slayed, rap line too, seriously. Kim Namjoon with the English rap and Min Yoongi and Jung Hoseok with the Korean rap, it just made me bawl.

3. [+81][-10] Sting????? Daebak…

4. [+50][-16] Where are these haters coming from. Jiminie did fxxking well.

5. [+46][-16] Do you know you guys are very shameless? Jiminie slayed his high notes today, but you guys are saying it’s bad and scolding him when you haven’t even watched the cover. (Obviously everyone in BTS slayed)

6. [+40][-12] Sigh told you these lunatics are not letting go of Jimin. There are only 4 downvotes on the post but 46 downvotes on the best comment complimenting Jimin kekeke They’re not just a BTS hater kekeke These people feel the need to introduce themselves even on this kind of post. If that’s what you want, it might be better if you just write a comment about whatever you want and bring that to the top.

7. [+39][-13] There are so many people who hate Jiminie on Pann. Whenever there’s something related to Jiminie, they get together and start their bullshit.

8. [+35][-14] I can clearly feel Jimine’s popularity kekeke People who scold Jimin and click downvotes everywhere are lunatics with inferiority complex, they’re dissing him without even watching the cover.. But guess what, people overseas are calling him the ‘white little guy’ on YouTube and everyone’s complimenting him for doing so well ㅠㅠㅠ kekeke