Badass piercings on such a kind face… But for real, all her piercings are so beautiful and they match Wendy perfectly!


1. [+107][-10] It’s good to hear that she gets piercings to relieve her stress, but at the same time it’s also sad. It’s like ‘we’re in a very sad and pretty relationship’ (Red Velvet – Psycho)…

2. [+96][-11] Her face is too unrivaled that’s why I couldn’t see her piercings.

3. [+79][-8] I was busy looking at her face I forgot to look at her piercings.. She’s so pretty.

4. [+51][-2] Her face is so gorgeous I never noticed how many piercings she has. Wendy is the prettiest on earth.

5. [+38][-2] Tbh having so many piercings can make you look like a delinquent but to look so holy… Only Son Wendy can do that.

6. [+33][-30] Agree or disagree.

7. [+18][-1] I really think Wendy is fxxking pretty… Her eyes are so deep it’s like a lake. Her eyes nose lips and ears are all so gorgeous and she looks like a foreigner too.

8. [+16][-0] I dunno why but Wendy seems like the type to wear ear-cuffs instead of getting piercings, but she has so many piercings I was shocked when I first knew about it. It matches her so fxxking well, she’s so cool.

9. [+11][-0] It’s amazing, I have lots of pictures and GIFs of Wendy, but I never once felt that she has lots of piercings. 

10. [+11][-0] Her piercings are really pretty, I wanna get piercings like that too kekeke

11. [+10][-0] Personally, I find people with a kind face who has lots of piercings charismatic.