What choreo is this, not like this is the 90s style LMAO If you put on skirts then the choreo should be light or cool, who on earth came up with this limping dance with them holding onto their skirts? The dance really looks like frogs….. 


1. [+776][-21] It’s a bit.. if I say this but there’s reasons to why they’re not popular. No matter how outstanding their vocals and charm are, the rest of the details fall behind the formation.. 

2. [+492][-23] This is lame but will probably appeal to people in their 30s-40s.. 

3. [+435][-8] Only the song is good, the choreo the title the clothes all stink. 

4. [+329][-2] Isn’t the song title also a bit lame? Wtf is <Skirt Wind>….. 

5. [+273][-3] The problem is not about the minority, it’s a matter of lack of sense and not being able to understand the current trend. 

6. [+233][-8] To me the song is meh compared to what I expected. Dunno if it’s because of <Rollin’> that’s why it makes people think the members are doing good, even doing covers of it, but please choose the song and their styling well. 

7. [+216][-2] Starting from the title I don’t get why they made it <Skirt Wind>, I don’t get why they put a piece of white fabric on a normal skirt, and the choreo- why on earth did they make floundering the arms the highlight instead of pretty dance moves.. The song is good but it doesn’t really stick.. I really thought this would be a good chance for them to leave an impression with the public.. cri 

8. [+179][-0] Was it only the management of the agency who got together… Ever since the teaser I was doubtful, and it really turned out that way…