Without Jinni, NMIXX’s Average Visuals are a Bit…

Now only Sullyoon’s left…


1. [+60][-7] It’s not a matter of a lack of visuals, they just don’t catch my eyes at all.. They were already like a group under a small/middle-sized agency, but not they’re like a group under a small/middle-sized agency that’s just fxxked

2. [+39][-8] Except for Sullyoon, they really look like they’re a girl group from a small/medium-sized agency

3. [+4][-1] For real

4. [+4][-2] But Sullyoon was also criticised for having short, thick legs. It was perfect to have Jinni as the centre in group pics

5. [+4][-0] I think Jiwoo will look fine if she loses weight. She’s single handedly ruining NMIXX’s physique as a group