What’s Up With NMIXX Jinni’s Visuals at MAMA 2022 Today?

Seriously, she’s the GOAT…. 

To be honest, I would say her styling today is comparable to… wait no, is better than her styling in her legendary pre-debut  dance choreography video…

Seriously, even though I’m not a fan of NMIXX, I was captivated by her and screenshotted right away

Her pose when she was walking out was seriously… compared to this pic ㅠㅠ

They really need to push Jinni…

NMIXX Lily Haewon Sullyoon BAE Jinni Jiwoo Kyujin


1. [+186][-41] Carefully speaking, she resembles Song Hye-kyo.

2. [+106][-6] Ah, she’s so fxxking pretty, seriously.. No like, people shit on NMIXX’s visuals so badly, but I think there are many visuals in NMIXX apart from Sullyoon. For real, especially Jiwoo and Jinni – I think they’re the real g’s

3. [+91][-6] Yes, Choi Yunjin’s visuals peaked.

4. [+56][-3] Choi Yunjin looks freaking pretty no matter if she has bangs or not ㅠㅠ

5. [+55][-4] Choi Yunjin is crayyy ㅠㅠ