Apparently HyunA & DAWN Have Broken Up!!!!! ㅠㅠ

ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ They dated for 6 years

I thought they were gonna get married

They had matching rings,
and they even ran away from CUBE together, appearing as HyunA and DAWN in P Nation

They looked really cute together though, what a pity


1. [+519][-5] This is why public dating is a loss. No matter how cool they act, they will be stigmatised throughout their lives, and even if people forget about it as they get older, their actual spouses will lowkey hate them too..

2. [+496][-9] Looks like DAWN is going to go to the army now. At least the shows he appeared in were with Hyuna.

3. [+478][-4] Heol, that’s damn surprising kekekekekeke I thought they would go on to get married, for real

4. [+318][-4] I really thought they would get married because he hurt his group and they even got kicked out of their agency for dating

5. [+259][-1] Usually when a couple who’s thinking about marriage and making a big deal out of it breaks up, people worry about the girl, but with this couple people are worried about the future of the guy, it’s kinda funny LOLL