ITZY’s Comeback Announced!

November 30th, ‘CHESHIRE’


1. [+50][-3] The song that Sexy Gorilla (JYP’s nickname) said was good is coming out sooner than expected so I’m really looking forward, insane insane

2. [+43][-4 The plan’s defo been pushed back a lot. 2 Korean comebacks + US debut just in the second half of the year *shook* And in the first half of the year, they made their Japan debut and they’re on tour right now. When is ITZY ever gonna rest?

3. [+38][-0] This is not a comeback, ITZY is basically active 24/7/365 with no rest at all

4. [+34][-3] Wow, they’re gonna clash (promotional times) with Red Velvet

5. [+26][-3] ITZY’s really not resting at all *shook* Hope they get fitter and stronger ㅠ