Whenever IVE Jang Wonyoung Films Something with Innisfree…

No but like I wonder why Jang Wonyoung looks like that whenever she does a commercial shoot with Innisfree? Why does a pretty face appear like that?

Innisfree commercial

And this is what Jang Wonyoung looks like normally

+I didn’t bring this up because I wanted to diss her, I’m genuinely curious that’s why.. Of course I know Jang Wonyoung is really pretty, but she just doesn’t seem to fit Innisfree’s commercials..


1. [+423][-132] But yea since they don’t put color makeup on her, her double eyelids surgery is really (obvious) ;;;;;;;

2. [+397][-68] Because of her double eyelid surgery, she really has to put on heavy makeup to cover it up, that’s why

3. [+358][-39] Innisfree’s keyword is ‘natural’, but she looks a bit artificial because it hasn’t been long since she got her double eyelid surgery.

4. [+296][-4] Doesn’t Jang Wonyoung normally look good with color makeup? That’s why when she became a model for Innisfree, everyone said Etude House would suit her better.

5. [+217][-98] Jang Wonyoung looks pretty with light makeup too though. She looks pure and innocent.