Feel the Size of aespa Karina’s Head


1. [+64][-23] Her face shape is really #1 among all currently active female idols

2. [+39][-12] Karina’s face is small too, but her head shape, side profile, forehead, and nose are all pretty ㅠ

3. [+33][-7] I saw her in person during Korea Uni’s festival, and her proportions are seriously insane. I know she’s on the tall side, but her face is like the size of a bean.

4. [+30][-5] It’s just funny when people are like ‘she has a pretty face shape but her face is not small’ kekekekekeke Karina has a small head, she’s tall and she has a super long neck – totally a celeb physique

5. [+28][-6] Karina’s small head really makes her look like a game character