I Don’t Know About IVE Liz Being Chubby

No like, it’s true that she gained weight, but looking at this, her legs look no different from other members.

Cus people criticise her so badly, I initially thought she’s about to become obese.


1. [+48][-3] I pity Liz because the fat goes to her face when she puts on even just a little bit of weight that’s why it’s even more obvious ㅠㅠ If the fat goes to places on her body that can’t be seen, there wouldn’t be so many aggros

2. [+40][-30] You can tell she gained weight from the pics you posted too

3. [+31][-7] Her face became fatter in an ugly way. Why are you posting something like this to attract more criticism?

4. [+11][-1] That’s surprising… So her upper body is her fat ‘trouble spot’..

5. [+9][-1] Looking at this pic, it really feels like everyone is similar apart from Jang Wonyoung though? She looks like she lost weight