Have You Seen Kang Tae Oh’s (From Extraordinary Attorney Woo) Primary Graduation Photo?

He’s freaking handsome. His face looks a lot more gentle now compared to back then.


1. [+439][-3] I think this is the most good-looking primary grad pic I’ve ever seen…

2. [+320][-1] Isn’t it really hard to look good in your primary grad pic? He looks freaking good.

3. [+182][-1] He just never had any time where he wasn’t good-looking. Apparently this was when he started primary school. How can an 8 year old have facial features like this?

4. [+131][-0] With those visuals, if there were 15 girls in the class, all 15 of them would’ve liked him, for real kekekeke

5. [+95][-0] Fantagio is amazing… From Cha Eunwoo and Seo Kangjoon to Kang Taeoh kekekeke Seriously, how did they manage to cast all these guys who have been super handsome since they were born?