Ryujin is Insane Today No??;;

ITZY’s concert

She’s fxxking pretty, seriously…


1. [+50][-5] ddaeng ddeong♡

2. [+50][-5] Ryujin is pretty but she’s also handsome. And she can dance well too. I’m so freaking fond of her.

3. [+38][-4] She completely killed the dance break today

4. [+34][-13] Her face really changed so much….ㅜ

5. [+24][-2] I feel like Ryujin’s prettier before she lost weight… This seems to be a really unique case.

6. [+17][-2] I didn’t manage to get a ticket but i heard that Ryujin’s dance was insane and Yuna’s aegyo was so charming.

7. [+15][-1] Her solo performance was so cool.