STAYC with Legendary Visualsㅠ

If you click on the photos you’ll be able to see them high-resolution!

The rest of the pics will be in the comments section


1. [+115][-6] They’re all pretty but J is really so fxxking gorgeous

2. [+66][-4] I think this era is definitely prime for Sumin and Sieun. Yoon also looks so much more refreshing and so much prettier without weird hats. And J, Isa and Seeun have always been beautiful.

3. [+36][-4] No matter what, they are representative visuals of the 4th gen. It’s obvious that those who are like ‘don’t brag about their looks’ are those who are keeping others in check because their faves don’t have as good visuals and they’re worried they don’t get mentioned enough.

4. [+36][-3] Sieun really looks so much better with bangs.. How can every single member look so pretty???

5. [+30][-1] In my opinion, STAYC is most qualified when it comes to groups where all members are good-looking. They’re all pretty.