How is STAYC’s ‘Beautiful Monster’?

It’s sentimental and it doesn’t feel like trot – I think it’s really good! 


1. [+132][-185] It’s fxxking good. K-pop is just fxxked if this comeback ain’t a hit.

2. [+113][-27] I like it. Kinda feels like this song has more variety in terms of vocals, so it sounds better.

3. [+102][-23] I really like it starting from the first part.

4. [+97][-13] If I were to be really honest, this song is not my kind of song. I still like ‘So Bad’ the most out of all of STAYC’s songs. And also, do they really have to name the song ‘Beautiful Monster’? People judge it and it’s a bit lame..

5. [+45][-4] Not bad, nothing special. Same feeling as when I heard ITZY’s new song. Don’t think I’ll search for it to listen to it.