Wow Karina is Pretty. This is Non-Edited but it’s Fxxking Dope

Fxxking pretty on music shows…


1 .[+131][-13] But she really looks like some game character. She looks like she’s drawn super realistically. For real, she looks like a character that would appear on a game like Lost Ark kekeke

2. [+109][-15] Even though her lipstick colour looks dead her aura is still max and she looks pretty…

3. [+106][-15] She looks so good with purple hair.. This is a pic of Karina irl

4. [+52][-3] Tbh if you only look at her bangs it looks freaking weird. I think her face is doing the hard carry.

5. [+52][-10] I’m not her fan, and I’m not even interested in girl groups to begin with, but recently I find Karina really pretty. I like that kind of vibe.