V has 45M Followers..

Since he started his account on Dec 6, it’ll prolly hit 50M in Sep/Oct *shook*


1. [+98][-7] The number of likes on his posts is even more insane

2. [+77][-8] The trend is crazy. I couldn’t be bothered so I just followed V with my main account. I was a bit surprised at how a shit ton of my friends irl also follow him.

3. [+57][-4] All of V’s Instagram pics are really beautiful

4. [+21][-0] After V went to Paris, the numbers are rising even quicker. But anw, he’s good at it and it’s interesting.

5. [+18][-0] Look at the number of people I follow who also follow him, kekeke I was fxxking shocked when I first saw.