A Surprising Thing about (G)I-DLE Miyeon

When you look at cuts with just her

It’s not obvious

The idea I had was: A 167~168 kinda face = (G)I-DLE Miyeon

So I thought that’d be true irl too

Look at this

Cus her face is small and her arms and legs are long

I thought she’s definitely at least 165cm

But surprisingly(?) her build is extremely small

And she’s super skinny

Is it because she started her solo promotions right after Tomboy’s promotions ended?

Looks like she lost even more weight than before

I searched up her profile, and it says she’s 161cm


Her proportions are insane

Jo Miyeon is a “proportion-genius” ♡


1. [+128][-23] I think she’s below 160

2. [+97][-17] Am I the only one sees my height in her? She looks like 160 though..

3. [+58][-40] Do people in the comments really think she looks like 160 ish?? I thought she’s at least 165, so I’m surprised.

4. [+29][-3] I thought Miyeon’s 15x thought. And I’m gonna get attacked kekekeke

5. [+22][-1] If her profile says 161 it’s possible that she’s below 160