BTS Jin’s Recent Visuals – You Won’t Believe He’s in His 30s

He’s 31 this year, but when you compare with his looks when he was in his 20s, nothing’s changed at all…

He really looks so pure and innocent.


1. [+65][-2] Thought this was from 2017-2018

2. [+44][-2] For real, this oppa looks younger every time I see him.. Especially when he has bangs, he looks even younger.

3. [+34][-2] The photo album this time and the FESTA family portrait as well, all his pics are just wonderfulㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I realise once again ‘wow.. he’s this handsome’…..

4. [+25][-1] Ahh tbh, whoever marries Kim Seokjin, you should pay twice the amount of tax, seriously…

5. [+19][-0] … Saranghae