Am I Merely One of So Many People?

Fan: To you, am I merely one of so many people?

“You’re one of them”

“One of 100k people”

“Out of all those people, you’re the one and only

Isn’t that really amazing?”

“There’s only one person like you”

“Isn’t that really special?”


“There’s no one else like you

That’s really special..”

An answer full of sincerity from innocent Yuna

This pretty girl’s thoughts are pure and beautiful too

Our Yuna, there’s nothing about you that’s not beautiful♡


1. [+13][-0] Yuna really deserves a bit more appreciation

2. [+8][-0]  I see, just like the rest of ITZY, Yuna’s nice to the fans

3. [+3][-0] She really talks so nicely.. She’s already famous now, but I hope she becomes more famous

4. [+1][-0] Yuna’s a sweetheart, really♡

5. [+0][-0] Like lines from a movie