For Real, How Did Starship Manage…

These pics are from the news but their proportions are insane

Kim Shidae’s (Starship CEO) future vision is legendary


1. [+82][-6] For real, it’s not easy to get a group like this to come together;; From celeb potential and skills, to looks (including physiques) and concepts, there’s no way they’re not gonna be popular. Plus, ever since WJSN, Starship’s coordis have been famous. Even if they’re left alone, they can’t help but be envied because they’re so awesome and their coordis do such a great job on their styling. For idols to become successful, people need to have the thought of wanting to become like them when they see them, and on that basis, IVE fits perfectly (+ Jang Wonyoung’s fandom-salesperson-level fan service)

2. [+74][-10] For real, I think IVE is the prettiest out of all the 4th gen girl groups. They have great visual combos and none of them look ugly… I can prove that I’m not their fan.

3. [+60][-6] Gaeul’s face size is crazy

4. [+15][-0] Eeyah… Didn’t know Liz was tall

5. [+6][-0] Wow, Rei’s proportions are insane too.. She’s really tall