Did HYBE Go Nuts? Le Sserafim’s Choreo & Outfits

The teasers were already strong/powerful so I thought the stage performances can’t be. I didn’t know it would be like this. This is too fxxking much though?? They’re gonna be sexually harassed so bad.


1. [+389][-128] But I don’t understand why you put screenshots taken at moments like those here either kekeke

2. [+275][-9] Disgusting keke There’s only guys in HYBE that’s why these people’s sexual fantasies are reflected on their artists.

3. [+240][-25] I really thought they were AKB

4. [+204][-1] Is there a reason why HYBE’s doing such a cheap concept when they have so much money? I heard there are minors in the group too..

5. [+151][-0] Seems like they think that’s sexy but it’s not and it looks really cheap.