Now I Know Why THE BOYZ Juyeon is Popular

The reason why THE BOYZ Juyeon is popular is because he’s super handsome,
But his personality is also super kind and soft and cute.


1. [+68][-1] His face just has everything that girls like, attracting girls like a magnet. And his talents also stand out so much + he’s the centre of the group, that’s why he’s popular. I love his personality so much too.

2. [+63][-0] He’s not only glamorous on the outside like an empty shell, it’s nice that he’s very passionate and persevering in anything he does which is why he is determined.

3. [+23][-0] I’m not his fan but when Juyeon says ‘yeh’ he’s so cute. I’ve also rewatched THE BOYZ’s ‘MIROTIC’ cover too many fxxking times.

4. [+10][-0] And he’s hilarious too……? He once turned somewhere into a hot place through one selca. He’s just a man who’s born funny keke The important thing is, Juyeonie never intended to be funny…
5. [+10][-0] For real, that face, that height, those talents, he’s really so freaking perfect.. And his personality is super cute and heart-fluttering, that’s why there’s no way out once you’ve fallen for him..