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1. [+395][-3] I saved Kim Jong Un from drowning and he was so freaking touched that N. Korea and S. Korea reunited, fxxk kekeke;;; We even took a pic together for commemoration kekekekeke

2. [+310][-2] My dad suddenly turned into poop… I gently placed him in the toilet bowl, but I flushed the toilet so he got washed away with the water;;;;; I still have no clue what dream that was, but it seems to be just a stupid dream.

3. [+167][-2] In a dream, I was imprisoned for 20 years. I was just thinking, how can I face my parents? And I didn’t know how to live for 20 years like that. I was so glad when I woke up from that dream that I screamed out loud. Everyone, be nice and live your lives right. Even though it was just a dream, I’m freaking scared after experiencing it.

4. [+58][-1] I went to school and all of a sudden it was exam day that day. I really just sat through the exam crying because I didn’t study for it and I didn’t know anything at all. Just when I was thinking I can’t get into uni, I woke up and I was so thankful that it was just a dream and not reality.

5. [+36][-0] But when you dream of someone whom you’re kinda into, doesn’t that make you suddenly start liking them? Like as long as it’s not a dream so bad that’s gonna make you lose feelings for them kekekeke I always end up becoming a fan that way.