JYPE Songs are Really

Tbh, when I first listen to them, I really think they’re super mehhh.

To me, ITZY’s ‘MAFIA’, TWICE’s ‘More & More’ and NMIXX’s ‘O.O’ are all like that.

When I first listened to these songs, I thought they’re not that good but I started humming without realising and I become addicted.. For real, I think their songs have a strange charm.


1. [+224][-99] I agree with ‘MAFIA’ but NMIXX’s song is actually fxxking bad.

2. [+96][-9] It’s normal to start liking the song if you’re always listening to it.

3. [+30][-2] Songs by Wonder Girls or missA are really classy and I’m still not sick of them.

4. [+14][-1] Even now I still can’t understand ‘MAFIA’..

5. [+13][-2] Same, when I listen to NMIXX’s song, I think it’s a bit… but I’m always listening to it kekekeke