The Whereabouts Of The Members Who Left MOMOLAND


After leaving the group, she entered uni and is living life as a uni student.

Recently, she created an Instagram account. She still dances well like a main dancer as always.

From MOMOLAND Yeonwoo

To actress Yeonwoo

Gold spoon

Broadcast period: 2022.~

Dali and Cocky Prince 

Role: Ahn Chak-Hee

Broadcast period: 2021.09.22~2021.11.11

Cheat On Me If You Can 

Role: Ko Mi-Rae

Broadcast period: 2020.12.02~2021.01.28

Live On

Role: Kang Jae-Yi

Broadcast period: 2020.11.17~2021.01.12

Starting with supporting roles and eventually taking up main roles, she’s starring in a variety of dramas.


Right now, she’s uploading cover songs on Instagram and YouTube like a main vocalist, and she’s communicating with her fans.

I miss them so much…. Lee Dabin Yoo Jungahn Kim Taeha


1. [+653][-1] But it’s really impressive how the main rapper, main visual and main vocalist got removed from the group.

2. [+472][-2] 233][-3] It’s certainly really nice that Yeonwoo became an actress. Since she’s freaking pretty, I wanna see her often in dramas.

3. [+76][-1] They really left out the core members and now all they have left is the rest kekeke

4. [+53][-0] Even if I didn’t know all the members of MOMOLAND, at least I knew about Daisy, Yeonwoo and JooE. They’re really an ‘incredible’ agency.

5. [+18][-9] If it was a 4-member group consisting of the 3 members who left + Nancy, they might be even more successful (than MOMOLAND).