Wow, I Heard that Celebrities Have Really Small Physique

And it’s true. Like, they look different from what we see on TV. 

IRL, they’re taller and thinner? Kinda like a miniature version..


1. [+78][-10] It’s true that female idols wear children’s size and male idols with small physique wear women’s size.

2. [+66][-16] I heard before that their bones (physique) is the most important factor during auditions. They want small-built people with small heads and long legs..

3. [+39][-6] I’m worried because it seems like K-pop idols are getting skinnier and skinnier. 

4. [+31][-2] This is Yuna right

5. [+24][-1] I’ve seen a lot of idols and Mark’s face is seriously too small. Like I’m not even lying, it’s the size of my palm.