I Know This Is A Super Meaningless Vote, But

An ordinary-looking guy vs A super freaking pretty girl

Who would you date?? 

Since I’m bisexual, I’m gonna date the girl and benefit. 

Those who are homosexual, are you gonna date the ordinary-looking guy? 

Will you not be attracted to the pretty girl??

I’m just curious.


1. [+157][-1] From your perspective, it’s just: ordinary-looking lover vs beautiful lover. Of course you’re gonna choose the latter..

2. [+106][-2] If I force myself to date the girl, there’s no way I’ll end up liking the girl.

3. [+70][-1] Of course the former. From my perspective, how can I date a girl? I can’t date girls because of my beliefs.

4. [+36][-0] No but like even when I see Han Sohee or Jang Wonyoung, at most I go ‘wow unnie you’re fxxking pretty’ but that’s it, I don’t wanna date them.

5. [+32][-0] To begin with, if someone’s attracted to pretty girls, then they’re not homosexual kekekeke

6. [+28][-0] The balance ain’t right. It has to be: super ugly and smelly guy with a disgusting personality vs super pretty and smart girl. This is the only way for homosexuals to pick the latter.

7. [+22][-0] I’ve tried imagining kissing a super pretty girl, and I feel like I’ll vomit.

8. [+13][-0] Of course an ordinary-looking guy is better.. I won’t have any feelings for the girl to begin with.

9. [+5][-0] The guy. Pretty girls are eye-candies and they make me wanna get closer with them, but there’s nothing above that level.. They just don’t make my heart flutter.. Not at all.

10. [+2][-0] Can’t I just stay single and become best friends with the super pretty girl…?

11. [+2][-0] You’re a lesbian right?