What’s Up With Kep1er’s Proportions?

This was screenshotted from their encore stage and has not been edited.
I don’t think their proportions deserve to be insulted.


1. [+68][-2] Bahiyyih and Choi Yujin’s proportions are insane.

2. [+56][-0] First of all, Yujin’s proportions have always been good. I liked CLC before and every member has nice proportions.

3. [+39][-2] From the beginning, it’s the Pann-nyeos trying to insult people with their proportions who are not in the right mind kekeke

4. [+21][-0] Wow, Choi Yujin is amazing.

5. [+16][-0] Bahiyyih is fxxking pretty though??? And even the shortest one there has really good proportions too.