Let’s Talk About Tips For Human Relationships

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1. [+272][-5] Have the mindset that you’re alone in life.

2. [+232][-3] Don’t talk behind people’s backs. Karma really exists.

3. [+210][-7] If possible, don’t talk, smile back instead. That way, you’ll find more and more people in your circle and what people say about you will also become more positive. In fact, that’s true even if you have a really bad personality and you’re cursing the other person on the inside kekeke This is really just from my experience.

4. [+144][-1] Prioritise your family and yourself over your friends. Friends are strangers. Don’t get too hung up on them.

5. [+104][-1] Don’t have any expectations.

6. [+88][-1] Don’t say anything that could give anyone enough rope to hang yourself. Not to anyone.

7. [+77][-0] Don’t give out too much.. Whether it’s your heart or materialistic stuff

8. [+59][-1] Don’t pretend to be too kind.

9. [+57][-1] Don’t stop people from coming towards you and don’t hold onto people who are leaving you. I think this is the best answer.

10. [+44][-0] If your life is boring, you’ll start making fun of other people’s lives.

11. [+27][-1] Don’t lend money, and don’t borrow money either. I’ve seen too many people fall apart because of monetary problems.