Have You Guys Ever Once Thought That Appearance Is Important?

Upvote – mhm

Downvote – nope

I think it’s super important. The older I get the more I feel this way..


1. [+98][-0] It’s not like you get treated differently if you’re pretty, but more like: confidence about your looks -> high self-esteem -> live a good life. I think this is more accurate…

2. [+63][-0] I don’t think it’s super important to the point where you don’t get any chances if you’re ugly, but certainly there are plus points that follow if you’re pretty.

3. [+21][-16] Personally I think appearance is more important than wealth.

4. [+14][-0] This feeling becomes stronger when you step into society,, For real, way stronger than when you’re still a student in school.
5. [+10][-0] There’s a reason why people spend money on plastic surgery and risk pain / discomfort / side effects just to become better looking. It’s because they look forward to using that money and dealing with the discomfort to get something way better and worthwhile in return.