I’m posting this because I remembered calling BTOB & Apink BTOPink

Even until recently, they’re still mentioning each other on TV and doing live broadcasts together. 

It’s nice that they’re still close. The 2.5th gen was more fun,,



Have you listened to it????

I’m telling you to listen to it

Please post on Twitterㅜ

BTOB member:

Yes I haveㅡㅡkeke 


Twitter gogo

Wait for it

Changsub: Yesterday at Music Bank


1. [+110][-5] Recently people are just so sensitive. If it’s not BTOPink, I really cannot imagine anyone else like that..

2. [+65][-2] Honestly the one and only friendship keke I think it’s great to see friendships like that though, real bffs… Looks like they’re having fun. But is the Kakao Talk chat history real? Their tones are so fxxking realistic, shit kekekekekekeke

3. [+61][-2] Ehh, the comments are weird. They barely got any criticism back then… They would even vote and stream for each other.

4. [+32][-8] BTOB is 3rd gen and Apink is 2nd gen. There’s no such thing as 2.5th gen.

5. [+26][-1] It’s true that people are more sensitive nowadays but at that time there were no other friendships between idols like BTOPink either. They’re really like brothers and sisters that’s why they didn’t get scolded.. If I had to pick, I guess Moonbin x SinB? They just looked like real best friends.