She really looks like that one girl that every class has. She’s freaking cute. I think she’s the type who would put on heavy makeup after school and ask people to join her in coin karaoke.


1. [+113][-57] But her proportions and visuals are really rare… hard to find someone like her around.

2. [+73][-7] Casually tied up hair + casually put on hoodie + loose fit jeans. Perfect Korean high school student.

3. [+24][-1] But doesn’t this look like Winter? Fyi, I’m a fan of Winter.

4. [+14][-1] Wow even when she’s wearing that it’s obvious she’s freaking skinny. I’m so envious, fxxk.

5. [+7][-2] Idk, all that’s in my head is: she’s so freaking soft.