The Sunbaenim Who’s Genuine About aespa

The best sunbae among all – Taeyeon sunbaenim…

Promoting all aespa’s songs.

Doing the Next Challenge together too (frozen aespa)

Aespa doing the Weekend Challenge

aespa mani saranghaeju’taeyeon’ (pun – please love aespa lots)

A warm ending~


1. [+69][-7] Ever since the bad rumors about them surfaced, before ‘Next Level’ became popular, she’s always been caring for them… Really touched.

2. [+31][-2] Taeyeon is originally very caring for her hoobaes. I’m a fan of another SM group but I’m thankful for this.

3. [+18][-1] Taeyeon really takes good care of people around her.

4. [+17][-0] Soft puppy, why are you so cute?

5. [+17][-1] Not just within SM, she takes good care of sunbaes and hoobaes from other agencies as well. For SNSD too, Taeyeon’s love for the younger ones is unchanging. This kind of sunbae is awesome.