She’s been pretty ever since that contact lenses ad when she was 15 but recently after losing her cheek fat she’s starting to look morel like a fxxking pretty actress + her height is 172cm and she has a skinny but strong body + if you watch her encore stages she’s the most stable for both high and low notes + she’s the best dancer in IVE + her leadership and her amazing chemistry with any member + no controversies at all since debut + she’s only 19yo now.


1. [+93][-9] She’s always been an all-rounded member since IZ*ONE era, but because she was always in the back that’s why people didn’t know.

2. [+78][-10] I’m not her fan but I find An Yujin really likeable…. She looks really kind.

3. [+48][-13] A lot of people say her singing is not on main-vocal-level yet but the main point is she’ll always show what she couldn’t show in the upcoming albums. Yujin has always proven this to us by herself.

4. [+20][-2] Yujin is the prettiest recently.

5. [+19][-6] An Yujin saranghae