1. Crazy, this is the best among NCT title songs.. Mark, Jeno, Xiaojun and Yangyang really slayed this ^.^

2. Xiaojun tore it all up with his face.

3. Mark!!!! As. expected, you are the best of the best.

4. Shotaro!!!!!!!!

5. Last year. I thought that Xiaojun was legendary with his yellow hair but he digests this color well too.

6. I really like Doyoung ㅠㅠㅠ but I keep looking at Shotaro because he dances so well.

7. Taro, I’ve been waiting.. I love you 💛❤💙💚💜❤💛💚

8. Lee Haechan is so good!!!!

9. Jungwoo, I love you.

10. When Shotaro is at the centre, it feels very fresh. Same for the combination of Haechan and Yangyang. Jeno and Xiaojun came out well too.

11. Hey, I really like this song. Mark and Xiaojun’s voices are my favourite ㅠ

12. Shotaro is really good.

13. Mark’s rapping is just irreplaceable.

14. The song and choreography is good. In my opinion, Mark and Haechan are always excellent but this time Jeno and Shotaro caught my attention.