Her proportions are legendary.

She looks pretty in selfies too but pictures of her taken by other people reveal better her characteristic prominent features. That’s why I keep on rewatching her fancams. Recently I feel so happy whenever her homepage masters upload any pictures of her..


1. [+58][-7] For me it’s this pic… I really think this is unparalleled. I think she looks like a snake-face idol.

2. [+44][-11] This pic is fxxking dope. Her face is freaking small but her head shape is beautiful, her eyes are big, her nose is pretty, her chin is short…. Such a fxxking beauty.

3. [+34][-7] She peaked in the US after dying her hair blue-black.. Come back to Korea.. Please stick with blue-black for the year-end stages too..

4. [+17][-2] This was taken by a fan using a phone camera, she’s fxxking pretty irl.

5. [+15][-2] I was sad that she went to the US but surprisingly I get to see her more often… Plus all the pictures we get of her are like gems.