Karina is cute, Karina is precious, Karina is pretty, Karina is the best.

Karina is lovely, Karina is cool, Karina is a god, Karina saranghae, 

Yoo Jimin is fxxking cuteeee❤


1. [+49][-8] It’s really so cute how she was smiling so happily when she was being devoured by her beanie.

2. [+46][-9] Determined Hansik (Korean food) lover Yoo Jimin who was eating Sundubu Jjigae (Korean spicy soft tofu stew) the moment she arrived in New York.

3. [+42][-7] Cheek fatttt

4. [+26][-5] She’s really fxxking pretty.

5. [+19][-4] Wow, as a fan, I’m so happy that this post isn’t another hate or sexual harassment post.

5. [+19][-3] Un.. nie

7. [+18][-6] Mozzarella cheese ball